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We have released Gates of Hell, a WWII RTT/ RTS game on the GEM2 engine.

Gates of hell is a sensationally realistic and immersive war game.
It stands out as a ground- breaking in the WW2 RTT/ RTS genre because of its realistic approach and stunning visuals.

Its assets, maps, missions, sound, animations, damage models and much more are new.
The content is based on real events, real locations and uses only the war machinery that actually fought in real life.

Gameplay is easy to master, so you can become skilled quickly and build your reputation in the community.
CtA: Gates of Hell offers classic top- down and 3rd person views for infantry and 1st person view for vehicles.
Our initial release is titled "Ostfront". It contains SP, PvE, PvP and dynamic campaign modes and content for the factions Germany and USSR.
Further factions and nations will follow in the shape of modules.

For more information and regular updates you can visit our community page on Steam.

For quick answers and support, your best bet is our official Discord server.

Release Date: 

June 11th, 2021




Real-time Tactical-Strategy