CtA: Gates of Hell guerrilla quiz winner announcement

This blogpost gives you the answers to our “Guerilla quiz”. It was a blast to see the discussions about these questions and it’s amazing how much you all know about us and ww2!
Competition was so close that if this were the Olympics, we would have needed 31 medals for everyone on the podium.
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We thought you would like to know a bit more about the answers, or maybe some historical background.

Let’s get on with it then;

Question 1.
How many games did Barbedwire studios release before Gates of Hell?
Answer: 0. This is the very first time we publish.

Question 2.
Early 1942. You are a soldier fighting in the snow near Demyansk. You look up and see an aircraft wearing these badges. What aircraft type is it?
Answer: Bf110
This is the image we provided:

Many people saw the ace of spades and opted for the Bf109, assuming the logo was JG53’s. But what is that second logo doing there?
First, note that the ace of spades has a red outline. Then, there is a second one.
These were used by the units of II.ZG 26, the unit we use for ground attack in GoH for certain missions. So the answer is Bf110.
This is a ww2 photo showing both logos:

Question 3.
Of these three assets, which takes the most time to implement in CtA: Gates of Hell?
Answer: Buildings

“Buildings are the worst” some devs would say. The amount of work that is required to make them, is more than for anything else. 

Question 4.
The Soviet 62nd army became the 8th guards army. When?
Answer: After Stalingrad. Chuikov’s 62nd army was honored for its heroics in the battle of Stalingrad. 

Question 5.
After the German offensive at Kursk, another offensive followed. Which?
Answer: Operation Kutuzov

Named after a commander of the Russian army that defeated Napoleon in 1812, operation Kutuzov was what followed on the German offensive at Kursk, destroying all hope of German success and signalling the moment after which the red army would be moving forward for the rest of the war.

Question 6.
What happened in 1944, to the German general of the 11th army, who had reached Kerch in 1941?

Answer: he was court- martialed and shot.

Von Sponeck had reacted to the Soviet landings in Kerch and Feodosia, fearing the landing in Feodosia would see him cut off for the winter. He decided to fall back and take defensive positions at the west end of the Kerch peninsula. Since he had no orders to retreat he was court- martialed and sentenced to death.
Hitler then commuted the sentence to 7years in prison, but after the attempt on Hilter’s life in july 1944 they executed him anyway.

Question 7.
Where is this building located?
Answer: Tikhvin. 

This photograph shows you the locomotive shed at the Tikhvin marshalling yards.
It was used as reference for the 3d model in Gates of Hell. As some participants found out, we’ve shown this image in a development update about the GoH SP mission that plays out there.

Question 8.
How many FW190 aircraft did the Luftwaffe deploy in the battle of Stalingrad?
Answer: 0

The FW190 was introduced in the north part of the front. For whatever reason, the FW190 units never were stationed anywhere near Stalingrad. 

Question 9.
What happened to the Russian General that led the red army in the winter war?
Answer: he was made deputy premier for cultural matters.

Kliment Voroshilov was considered lucky to get away with his life, after defeat during the winter war against Finland. He was succeeded by Timoshenko. 

Question 10.
What caused the first few Panther losses?
Answer: engine fires. 

The first 200 Panthers were sent back to the factory because they were plagued by various problems. 

When these finally arrived to take part in the Kursk battle, two of them caught fire when they were unloaded from railway carriages.
That was not all that happened; within 2 days of battle, only 40 were still serviceable. By the evening of 10 July there were only 10 operational Panthers left.

Question 11.
What was the closest the Germans ever got to Moscow in 1941?
Answer: 8 Km.

Various sources state various distances; All of them are much lower than 58 Km, let alone 112 Km. 

Question 12.
What was the most built military aircraft of ww2?
Answer: IL-2. 

Besides being the most-produced military aircraft of World War II, it is also the second most-produced aircraft ever. 

Question 13.
Name that tank.
Answer: T-28

We tried to confuse you by showing it with a Finnish soldier in front. Perhaps not surprisingly, most contestants got this one right.
This is what we showed:

Which is a cut- out from the original format:

Question 14.
For which city did Tikhvin have the greatest importance?
Answer: Leningrad.

Tikhvin was the railway hub where supplies for Leningrad needed to pass to get to lake Ladoga.
It was in German hands for exactly one month. The siege of Leningrad might have ended far worse than it did, had Tikhvin remained in German hands. 

Question 15.
What kind of military equipment is a "Kochtopf"?
Answer: a concrete foxhole.

This was an invention to keep infantrymen safe in a foxhole, even if a tank ran over it. It’s name was either a referral to Gauleiter Koch or just a popular name derived from its shape. Many of these were used in the defensive lines Koch ordered his civilians to build, and it was also used in the “Westwall”.

Question 16.
How many vehicles will CtA: Gates of Hell offer on release?
Answer: 180.

Anyone can be forgiven to have picked the wrong answer here. A long time ago we reported we’d have more than 150. It has been 9 months, we’ve added some more (you may have seen several renders of them along the way) making for more than 180.
The number of maps for MP is also likely to be higher than we said before.

Question 17.
Which wwII fighter unit was first to paint a shark's mouth on their aircraft?
Answer: ZG76

The “Haifischgruppe”, or ZG 76, started painting shark snouts on their aircraft in 1940. Later, in the Mediterranean, they fought against the RAF. Among the RAF units was 112 squadron, who flew P-40 Tomahawks. They copied the ZG 76 shark mouth and added an eye. This was then copied by the AVG pilots, who also flew the P-40 Tomahawk at that time.
This is what it all started with:

Question 18.
It is 1941. You are a Russian rifleman at Dubosekovo. What's your commander's name?
Answer: Panfilov.

The battle at Dubosekovo was not fought by just 28 men. You will see in Gates of Hell that the story of “Panfilov’s 28” can’t be recreated in a game. Your losses in this SP mission will probably be a lot higher than the story suggests, and you will be able to understand why it’s quite impossible that 28 men could have stopped an entire tank army.
By the way, Panfilov was still alive a few days after the battle, when shrapnel from a mortar grenade wounded him mortally.
If you compare Dubosekovo then and now, the only visible difference in the landscape is the huge monument that was built in honour of the 28. It is so big you can easily see it on satellite images.

Question 19.
What do the Comet tank, the T-34 and the BT-7m(BT-8) have in common?
Answer: Suspension type. 

All three of these tanks had a 12 cylinder engine and a high top speed, but they only share the Christie type suspension.
Walter Christie designed a tank and offered it to the US army, who declined it. 

He then sold his tanks, disguised as “agricultural machines”, to the Soviet Union, where the BT series of tanks started off. The first models looked very similar to the original Christie design. There was an option to run the BT’s without tracks, which allowed very high speeds.
Arguably, these tanks offered the best ride on the battlefield, owing to the Christie suspension.

Question 20.
You are approaching the Dnieper river. You have to cross the river before you can turn south. Which GoH mission is that?
Answer: The big Prize

As the mission briefing in CtA: Gates of Hell shows, you’re north of Vyazma, “all you need to do” is cross the river, secure the position and push to the south in the direction of Vyazma.
This battle, like every battle in 1941, showed that the Soviets had no plans to make life easy for the Germans. The defending red army was a much tougher opponent than anticipated; this was also the reason why the fight at Glushkovo took place when the first snow had already fallen, and not in august as planned.  

Question 21.
The 3rd panzer army has just swung east from Volokolamsk. In which GoH mission will you stop them?
Answer: Absolute zero

We’re back with Panfilov. Maybe you’ve already seen that we used his name for the mission briefing?

Besides him, This mission fields the only prototype vehicle we have so far: The SU-100Y.
This vehicle was a one- off, and it was not put into production.
The only SU-100Y was used to defend Moscow in late 1941; no record of its operational history is known. 

This concludes our quiz. We enjoyed seeing everyone indulge in a little research & discussion!


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kapulA#7394 20
Lord Gimpus Dominus#0115 19


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Congratulations on your prize, and well done!
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