In today’s world, people will tell you they strive for independence. They want to call all of their own shots, make their own decisions, market their own products, manage their own timetable, find their own way.

That’s quite logical, isn’t it? Being the master of your own fate feels quite good most of the time. Independence rules, right?



Well, for us, independence means something else. As you may already know, we’re an independent studio, poised to release our own game - which is also our first. We make our own calls on all of the scenarios, gameplay, sounds, features and anything that will make it more realistic than any similar RTT/RTS game that came before it.  

The only 2 big dependencies are about the game engine, for one because it would take us years to make our own and none of us would want that, and otherwise we depend on the amount of spare time we have as a team to work on this project. It’s a good thing we don’t need money to develop!


At the same time, and because we develop in our spare time, we are extremely dependent on our community.
Fortunately, ours is a very supportive community. We receive support and positive reactions on a daily basis. We have some great supporters who voluntarily help us moderate community reactions - which is fantastic, considering we have never even asked them to do so.

Apparently, we have struck a chord with these great individuals and they seem to like the realism concept and they also seem to understand just what it takes to develop a game. Awesome.


Both sides of the story

We get so many positive reactions we sometimes have to pinch ourselves. Of course, and about 1 in 250 reactions, we get negative comments as well. But generally speaking, we love getting your comments and suggestions.



So yes, we depend on you, the community, because we’re independent.
Yes, we are thankful to the community. Keep the comments going, positive and negative.
No, we don’t mind a bit of salt here and there. It keeps us awake.
No, that will not kill our resolve; we will push on until we’re done making the most realistic and beautiful RTS game you have ever seen. 

With the backing of our community, we are unstoppable.


What’s next?

We have some big decisions coming up in the coming weeks and after those, we will announce everything you want to know. Until that time, we want to wish you a great 2020; and many thanks for sticking with us!