Why did you open a donation option?

We decided to open this donation option to allow our fans and interest groups to make it possible to support us directly. We have the vision and intention to make awesome games and creative projects, and anybody who shares this idea and wants to help us going this route is now able to support us in the purest form. Don’t miss your opportunity and help us grow!

How much do you expect me to donate you?

Most certainly, we are neither forcing or pressuring for that matter, and this is a 100% free option for you. We are happy about any kind of support – whether it is one euro or a thousand. However, we will be keen on adding donors that support us with a three-digit donation to the ‘External contribution’ category of our Studio’s credits, unless donors wish to be anonymous.

Whom do I actually donate?

If you decide to donate, the money will be transferred to the BWS PayPal account and then invested directly from there. BWS = Barbedwire Studios.

What is the collected donation money used for?

Like some of you know already, BWS is creating all of its projects without any capital yet. We use our free time and money (which is not the ideal system in any case) together with passion to reach our targets as best as possible. While we have been doing this for years, we’d like to give you the opportunity to help us too. We will invest money to solely increase our potential. All funds go directed to our assets that involve groupal costs, eg. servers and corporate hardware; and never to individuals or externals. With these investments, our Studio’s performance and developments are positively impacted and in the end, we hope that it will be your touchpoint when you feel the quality that has been brought forward through your input.

Do I get anything for my donation? Is this similar to a crowdfunding project?

No. Your donation is a personal support. We will be very grateful but it isn’t possible to expect or demand anything out of it, especially if it is related to our projects.  All of our products are tied to release plans and publishing contracts hence under no circumstances will we be rewarding donors with anything project-related. Thus, it differs from a crowdfunding project, because we do not depend on any funding goals and we cannot offer rewards.

I am interested, but I have a question related to donations that is not listed here. Who can I ask and where?

You are free to add and contact any staff on our team on our forums or you can ask your question via this e-mail address:

Why are you guys using a PayPal account? Is my money transfer safe? What currency?

PayPal is one of the most common and accepted paying methods used for online businesses. It is used daily for online businesses and its use is safe. We do not obtain any of your private information either. Since our area of financial operations is in Europe, our Paypal is calibrated in Euros and is setup for the appropriate legal constraints in our regions.

Do I have to fill up any billing address fields?