Job · Map design

Level Designer at Barbedwire Studios

As a Level Designer at BWS, you are responsible for providing immersive, high quality maps:


Your role:

  • You will recreate the battlefields of WWII with stunning historical accuracy and immersion, based on research and verified sources, including correct map sizes/scales, extracting hightmaps and being able to pinpoint locations of different objects/environments such as houses, landscape elements, flora, etc. While said work is planned, you will also take care of producing project documents to note down important information before you go hands-on.
  • Teamwork: You will be coordinating your work with the mapping team as well as your team lead to increase your skills, to develop new mapping techniques and to share innovative ideas with everybody, in a continued ongoing process.
  • You will regularly developing test areas in the GEM editor to find the best mapping and design techniques before you adapt the result into the final project.
  • The process of creation of a map is long: You will be an active member of our team, driven by passion and willing to run the required miles to fulfill our self set targets and standards.

We expect that:

  • You are skilled in level design and you understand basic art principles.
  • You got solid experiences with the GEM Editor and you are able to work with all its tools (highmapping, colour tool, polygon edit etc.).
  • You are committed to learn and use Discord (communication means), Git (version control & every mapper can see everybody's work) and Trello (scheduling and organisation).
  • You are an active developer, open minded (also for feedback/critics), willing to work in an international team.
  • You are fluent in english so you are able to communicate with us.

When sending us your application, please make sure to link your CV and references from your mentioned work, such as pictures or Steam Workshop/Youtube links. (References are required to evaluate your skills in level design).



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