We have published a big content update

Content update II

We have published a big content update, which means we added a lot of content to Call to Arms - Gates of Hell once again, and this one is also for free.
So what's new, and what's next? Well, we summarized the main points in our latest Development update, which is available on Steam.
Many of the changes are invisible for most players, like the vastly improved localisation for a number of languages.
Does that mean we're done? No, because we will keep adding localisation and improvements. However, the basic content for "Ostfront" is now complete.

we have published a big content update

Our focus is shifting to future additions, and work on the next faction has already started.
Recently, we published our road map, for those that want to catch a glimpse of things to come.
There will be regular updates for this roadmap, so stay tuned!