Release announcement

We proudly announce that Call to Arms: Gates of Hell has officially been released!

This RTT/ RTS debut features Singleplayer, PvP and PvE, co- op and dynamic campaigns.
In conquest mode and PvP you can play on a wide variety of maps. In conquest you research and develop your own army group.
In multiplayer you can choose your own special doctrine units.
Many new mechanics have been introduced.
Everything you see or hear in CtA: Gates of Hell is new.

With its choice of instantly switchable view modes there's something for every type of player. First person views for all vehicles, third person views for infantry, or classic top- down are all available by choice.
Singleplayer battles take place at the historic locations, painstakingly recreated and immersive as hell!

More detail

There's a detailed description to be found on our Steam store page, which also states requirements and the like.
Another good place to get any answers you might need is our official Discord server.
Should you be tempted to have a go, keep reading!

Free version

If you never had CtA in your Steam library, you can skip this part.
If you do, you should know that any free version of CtA in your library might block your attempts to buy a paid version of CtA, and Gates of Hell will not start as a result.
The cure is simple, though.
You only need to remove any legacy free CtA versions from your Steam library before you choose your bundle.
If you own a paid version, there is nothing to worry about; choose the bundle that contains your previously bought version and the process will automatically drop CtA from the cart.

Available NOW!

You can find our store page HERE.