We are Barbedwire studios


This is who we are

We are Barbedwire Studios, an international team of content developers.
It’s our business to make games and content of the highest quality.

Our first title is called Call to Arms – Gates of Hell, which was published in june, 2021.
Even in its genre, Gates of Hell innovative and quite unique.
We have created a game that is immersive yet realistic, using history to shape the look and feel. Because of this, its replay value is very high.
We work closely together with our community, which we did from the start; maybe that’s one of the reasons why Gates of Hell enjoys tremendous worldwide support.
We will continue to push the development of new content to the next level.

Feel free to have a look around! Find out what we do, and how we do it. We are quite open about our methods, as you can read on our blog page. If you have questions, let us know on Discord or Steam. See you on the battlefield!