How about some evidence?

It's time for some evidence that shows our dedication to realism and history.
Maybe you've seen that we have revealed a number of our missions through devupdates already. And maybe you've read our "how do they do it" about the creation of missions, which we did a while ago. However, we never actually provided any one on one evidence that our maps actually correspond with reality, did we?

We didn't. So, let's make up for that with an easy compare between a few minimaps from CtA: Gates of Hell and the real world!
It's easy; we use satellite data and (WWII vintage) recon photos of the original location. Then, we overlay the minimap from CtA: GoH on it.

This will be the location for several missions. This is a small town in Russia that held a key position twice in a few months in 1941/ 42.
It looks like time has stood still here. No big difference between then and now. Click HERE for the comparison.

By the time the Germans closed in on Moscow - in this case near Volokolamsk - winter had arrived and conditions had turned icy... so this minimap ought to reflect that, and it does.
The germans moved to take the village of Dubosekovo, and the battle that followed is even mentioned in the anthem of the city of Moscow!

Even though the red army was on the front foot after surrounding Stalingrad, it had to defend this place when a German counterattack approached to relieve the surrounded Germans. This very village is where the counteroffensive ground to a halt. Since then, not much has changed - most of the roads in Gromoslavka seem to be unpaved.

This village is usually shown a lot dryer in Google than we show it in Gates of Hell. It's in the middle of a massive marshland area, which will get very wet during the rainy time of year - autumn.
Our map is the ideal place to "hide" a partisan camp, which we did. The real location is in north Ukraine.

Over time, this city has changed and expanded quite a bit. For this reason, it was impossible to use satellite imagery to create the map. Our Tikhvin map is therefore based on a reconnaissance photo, just like most of the defensive positions in the mission.

So now you know; as far as humanly possible, we will give you the real thing! Are you ready for it?