How about some evidence?

Every time we post an update on Steam, we absolutely love the reactions we get from the community. Why? Well, for one because many people give us the thumbs- up, but also because we seem to have an audience that knows the subject of our game (WW II) in detail.
So maybe you've noticed that we have revealed a number of our missions through devupdates already. And maybe you've read our "how do they do it" on the creation of missions, which we did a while ago. But whenever we did these things, we never provided any proof that our maps actually correspond with reality. Yet we seem to get the trust that this will all be fine. The community seems to believe us.
Or do they? Well, there's no real need to wait until somebody actually asks for the evidence.

So let's compare a couple of minimaps from Gates of Hell to satellite imagery that can be found on Google. First we need a screenshot of the original location, then we overlay the minimap from the game on it so you can see the comparison with your own eyes.
We're talking about our single player campaigns here; the DCG missions are a different story altogether. Now let's have a look.

This location is hard to find in Google, if your search is based on the name alone.
This will be the location for mission 1 of the german SP campaign; a sleepy hamlet in Russia that held a key position, opposing the north pincer of the german advance on Vyazma, 1941.
It looks like time has stood still here. No big difference between then and now. Click HERE for the comparison.

By the time the germans closed in on Moscow - in this case near Volokolamsk - winter had arrived and conditions had turned icy... so this minimap ought to reflect that, and it does.
The germans moved to take the 5-house hamlet of Dubosekovo, and the battle that followed sparked some controversy long after the war. Here too, little seems to have changed except for one thing; at the road leading into Dubosekovo a huge memorial was built after the war. It's so big that its shadow can apparently be seen from space. The battle is even mentioned in the anthem of the city of Moscow!

The 6th mission in the Soviet SP campaign takes place at the river Mishkova. When it happened in real life, conditions were truly awful. And even though the red army was on the front foot, it had to defend this place when a german counterattack - called operation "Wintergewitter" - approached to relieve the surrounded germans in Stalingrad. This is where the counteroffensive was stopped. Even today, most of the roads in Gromoslavka seem to be unpaved. Like at Glushkovo, not much has changed between then and now at first sight.

Our initial release will contain 12 SP campaign missions based on true stories. So now you know; as far as humanly possible, we will give you the real thing! Are you ready for realism?